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Tamiya Rules & Regulation Update! 2018

Discussion in 'New Releases' started by M4R, Dec 8, 2017.

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    In Tamiya 's Mini 4WD competition, competition rules are established to enjoy exciting races. This is to make competition cars, competition courses, content of the competition (way of playing and manners) fair, to compete under the same conditions.

    The fun of Mini 4WD is not limited to speed. It is important to challenge how to cope with various course courses, using head and technique. At that time, the accredited competition regulations call for fair play spirit and will teach fight and manner appropriate for a true mini 4WD racer. It is a rule that you want all Mini 4WD fans to protect.

    The main race events sponsored by Tamiya also follow this rule, but we will inform you of special conditions on each participating application guidelines.

    [Addition, revision information] We
    will establish a special rule in 2018. [Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2018 New Year, the period until spring. Application will be announced later on to the competition. ]
    [3]. Body size of the competition car 
    * Equipment of the roller: Change the number of rollers "6" to "No restriction". (2017.12.08)
    * Rotating mass damper mounting position: changed to "no limit". (2017.12.08)

    Source: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/mini4wd/regulation.html

    Full rules with addendum below:

    【1】 Competition car
    1. Types of competition cars
    Mini 4WD REV, Mini 4WD PRO, Racer Mini 4WD, Super Mini 4WD, FCaul Mini 4WD, Aeromini 4WD, Mighty Mini 4WD, Radio 4WD, Tracking Mini 4WD series. Depending on competition and classes, car models and series that can participate may be limited.

    2. Specification of the competition car
    Please run all competition cars with four-wheel drive. Participation by remodeling to rear wheel drive or front wheel drive is not allowed. Please attach to the competition car so that the body does not come off, and please be sure to paste or paint the body on the body (Note 1). You can not approve your own body. Please be sure to receive a car inspection for all competition vehicles. Competition vehicles that do not pass the vehicle inspection can not participate. The competition car is limited to what the athlete assembled oneself. However, depending on the content of the competition, you may be allowed to jointly assemble it.
    (Note 1) To
    make it easier for competition officers to judge whether the modification of the body meets the rules, things that are significantly smaller, those that are hard to check for stickers and paintings may not be allowed to start. Also, the clear margin, such as the clear body, wings only, etc. are not considered "bodies".

    3. Body size of the competition car
    The body size of the competition car is specified as follows. (Common to all chassis)
    Competition vehicles must be four-wheel drive.
    * Maximum width: 105 mm or less
    * Overall height: 70 mm or less
    * Total length: 165 mm or less
    * Minimum ground clearance: 1 mm or more
    * All equipment minimum weight: 90 g or more (including batteries and motors)
    * Tire size: 35 mm Width: 8 to 26 mm (Please be sure to install the tire.)
    * Equipment of the roller [2018 special rule]: Change the number limit from "6" to "unrestricted".

    * Mass damper: The mounting position of the rotating mass damper weight shall be such that the entire weight fits inside the line connecting the center axes of the front and rear guide rollers.
    * Mass damper [2018 special rule]: As the limitation on the number of rollers is changed, there is no restriction on the mounting position of the rotating mass damper.

    * Additional extension of parts to bumper, side guard and chassis main body is regulated as follows.
    About the definition of bumper and side guard

    "Bumper" is the part excluding the part corresponding to "bumperless unit" from "front unit" "rear unit" of MS chassis. Other than the MS chassis, the chassis part located in front (behind) the front (rear) gearbox will be called "bumper".
    In addition, "side guard" is between the front wheel and the rear wheel, and the part projecting outward from the chassis body is referred to as "side guard".

    Regarding scope to be subject to regulation
    · Surrounding the tire outside is not allowed.
    · Front bumper: limited to the front from the center shaft of the front wheel
    · Rear bumper: limited to the rear
    side from the center axis of the rear wheel · Side guard: limited from the rear end of the front wheel to the front end of the rear wheel
    · The
    part extended additionally beyond the chassis body front wheel center axis
    Parts additionally extended behind the rear wheel center axis limited to the same range as the front bumper are limited to the same range as the rear bumper Parts
    additionally extended between the front wheel and the rear wheel are limited to the same range as the side guard

    However, There is no regulation of additional parts passing through. Also, parts added to the body such as high mount rollers are not restricted as long as they are higher than the center axis of the tire. However, when extending to a position lower than the center axis of the tire, it is limited to the same range as the above bumper and side guard.


    4. motor
    The competition car is a normal motor included in the kit for running, a levetune motor, a torque tune motor, an atomic tune motor, a sprint dash motor, a power dash motor, a hyper dash 2 motor, a hyper mini motor, a light dash motor, a hyper dash 3 motor , Rebucune 2 motor, Torque Tune 2 motor, Atomic Tune 2 motor can be used. The Mini 4WD PRO series can be used only with the double shaft motor included with the kit or the motor for the mini 4WD PRO series. (Rebucune 2PRO motor, Torque Tune 2PRO motor, Atomic Tune 2PRO motor can also be used.)

    1. Other Tamiya motors may be used depending on the event type.
    2. In competitions and classes with speed limitation, it can not be used if it complies with the above provisions but exceeds the speed limit.
    3. Illegal remodeling of the motor, such as disassembling and changing the number of windings, is not allowed.
    4. If traces of removing the cup from the claws of the motor are seen, it is regarded as tampering.

    5. battery
    Please use Tamiya's AA type batteries in the marketed state for the power for running power. (Batteries other than Tamiya can not be used.) * Radai 4WD series and TR-1 chassis can use only Tamiya alkaline batteries. Also, be careful as batteries whose battery labels are torn are safe and not allowed to use. According to the competition, batteries that can be used are limited, or batteries other than Tamiya may be used.

    6. Remodeling
    When remodeling a competition car, it stipulates as follows. However, remodeling not included here will be decided to participate at the discretion of the organizer.

    1. Chassis processing can be accepted only for those which add additional work to the original shape such as drilling and cutting. You can not use your own chassis.
    2. Only Tamiya Mini 4WD, Radio 4WD and Dangun Parts are allowed for additional parts.
    3. Parts can be machined only if they are to add additional work to the original form such as drilling or cutting. (Note 1)
    (Note 1) However, it is necessary to be able to specify the original shape.
    Unidentifiable cases
    · Processing to appearance shape different from "original contour" of carbon plate, FRP plate, metal parts. (Including machining to axis and pin shape.)

    Case that can be identified (same as before revision)
    · Cutting process such as simple cutting, enlargement of mounting hole and additional processing, "original contour" remains.
    Drilling on the upper surface of the roller, coloring process.
    · Tire cutting and processing.
    (However, change of the material of the surface is not allowed.In addition, please be careful not to separate the tires when combining tires of different sizes and materials.)
    · Use of various parts of motor (recommend motor disassembly It is not something.)

    4. Modification of the gear is permitted only for drilling and cutting for weight reduction and incorporation of bearings. It is necessary to use the driving gear in a predetermined combination.
    5. Use the battery accessories kit accessories or upgrade parts according to the instructions. Modifications such as soldering and double-layered metal fittings are not allowed.
    6. Modifications that may hurt the course or hands or that may scrub the grease from the chassis and contaminate the course are not allowed.
    7. Tire machining is permitted to change the shape within specified dimensions, but material quality on the tire surface is not allowed.

    【2】 Competition course

    If Tamiya approves the following course regulations and is approved by Tamiya, the competition record will be accepted as an official course. All competitions and records on original courses that do not meet the course requirements will be informal.
    * Course width: 115 mm (dimension of one lane in straight part)
    * Course fence height: 50 mm (dimension from road surface)
    * Lane change and bank corner, etc. Partial width and height You are allowed to change.

    【3】Competition at the accredited course

    1. The start of the race shall be based on a signal such as a starter or a start signal. Players switch on, hold a race car with the wheels idling, hold the racing car in one hand, and bring the racing car to ground at the same time as the signal and start it. In addition, it is not allowed to start while pushing in the direction of travel by hand.
    2. If the race car goes out of court or falls, if the race car crosses the course fence and enters the other lane, if the body of the race car goes off during the race, it will retire on the spot and race You can not return to.
    3. It will be retired if the competition officer determines that it is caught up by another car within the same lane and that there is a danger of hindering the running of the following car.
    4. The goal is assumed to be the moment when the competition car reaches the goal line.
    5. Preliminary ranking and final ranking are determined by order of arrival or time. If it can not be decided by the above, it is based on the decision of the organizer.

    【4】 Body inspection (vehicle inspection)

    1. All competition cars shall be inspected for car body prior to the race and if there is a part contradictory to the provisions, we can not participate in the race unless it is fixed.
    2. Competition vehicles that passed the car body inspection will not accept any modification or change of setting during the period from the vehicle inspection to the race appearance.
    3. Re-inspection will be carried out at any time during the race. If a part contrary to the provision is found in the re-inspection, it is deemed that the unauthorized remodeling was done, all the race records up to then are invalidated and participation in the race is impossible unless the violation part is corrected .
    4. If you can not make a correction with a competition car that goes against the regulations in the inspection, if the competitor wishes, only the preliminaries will be allowed to participate as a reference record, but the record will be invalid.

    【5】 About disqualification

    Competitors and athletes who apply to the following items will be disqualified at the discretion of the competition officials. Please wear proper manners suitable for mini 4WD racer.

    1. When it is judged to be a remodeling which hurt other cars and hands or damages the course.
    2. It is judged to be a remodeled car that intentionally obstructs running of another car.
    3. When it is judged that there is a danger that the condition of the course will be bad by attaching grease etc. to the course.
    4. After the inspection, in case you participated in the race by remodeling in violation of regulation.
    5. If you interfere with other vehicles or courses while racing to interfere with driving.
    6. In the event of obstructing the operation of the race, not in accordance with instructions of competition officials.
    7. Flying start, such as when starting by pressing a competition car by hand.
    8. In addition to the spirit of fair play, there is an act of causing other race participants to feel uncomfortable.
    Reference) About manners at the event venue

    【6】 Race management

    1. The athlete can file an objection to the judgment of the competition that participated. However, it must be done before the next competition starts.
    2. Depending on the race, special rules may be adopted by the organizer's decision.

    【7】 Participation restrictions

    1. Please be aware that depending on the content of the competition, you may not be able to participate in the race due to reasons such as age.
    2. Except for endurance races etc., you can not participate by using the same race car with two or more at the same time.

    【8】 TAMIYA PASSPORT · About advance application for PC

    In principle, if you wish to participate in the Mini 4WD official recognition competition, if you have a smartphone Tamiya's official smartphone application " TAMIYA PASSPORT (Tamiya Passport) ", if you do not have an application-ready smartphone " Pre-registration from form "is required.
    However, depending on the class setting and convention, advance registration may not be done, and there may be occasions for participation on the day. In this case, it will be listed separately in the application details.

    When using TAMIYA PASSPORT and advance application for PC (hereinafter referred to as application system), please use it after confirming / acknowledging the following use conditions.
    1. Tamiya will endeavor to ensure the sustainability and accuracy of the contents of the contents of the application system and to operate smoothly, but we are not responsible for any damages, troubles, disadvantages, as exemplified by 1-1 below will do.
    1-1 · Damage and disadvantages caused by players using the application system or failure to use · Obstacles such as communication lines and terminal equipment, service interruption due to excessive access, Damage or disadvantage caused by data loss or damage due to equipment, failure in the application system.

    2. When using the application system, the relevant actions as exemplified below in 2-1 are confirmed, and if the organizer decides that it is necessary, without making any advance notice / notification to the athlete, the corresponding person To stop or stop the provision of this service to the competitor or to prohibit participation in the competition.
    2-1 · When the assignment of the winning information in the application system to a third party, or the profit-oriented act using them or the action for the preparation thereof is confirmed · Impersonate as another competitor, within the application system When using the service of · In addition, when the act judged to be inappropriate by the organizer is confirmed

    3. We will not respond to individual questions concerning the operation and specification of the application system. When publishing information on the application system, we will inform you through the official website and the functions on the system every time we release the information.

    4. When using the application system, please use it with morality and moderation so that many athletes can enjoy the race event. If you are unable to participate in the competition / winning through TAMIYA PASSPORT, please do "Withdraw from participation" within the period by the in-app prescribed procedure.

    5. If you are a minor, please use the application system after obtaining permission from a custodian.

    The information is as of December 8, 2017

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