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Someone please teach me how to run at this speed

Discussion in 'General' started by Alex Soon, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Alex Soon

    Alex Soon Spacer

    Jun 1, 2020
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    Please see attached video file of one of local race recently held in Singapore.

    I really can't comprehend what I had done wrong or did not do.

    All 3 are MS chassis....I am running MA chassis. I am on Mach-Dash (broken in to run @35000RPM @3V regulated voltage; on Ni-MH it always drop below 3V once running on track), large diameter wheel with trimmed tires measuring 26mm, front AT ivot bumper, rear sliding bumper, floating gear set-up).

    I am really starting to think there is a inner-circle secret barring the common player from achieving top speed - battery booaster? Some kind of device or method which enable their ni-mh battery voltage to stay and not drop? secret method of modding/breaking in motor which allow them to achieve 40,000rpm at 3v?

    Really at a loss. If i still can't figure it out, then its time to quit this hobby for good. Not a nice feeling to stay in a hobby where you can't compete at all.

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  2. Ezra&Danny

    Ezra&Danny Washer

    Jun 22, 2020
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    Corona, South Cal
    @Alex Soon sorry to hear your frustration but there is no inner circle secret it's all about how precise you can build and know how to fine-tune the machine for a specific layout. Once you understand the theory, rest is how well you can execute and that comes with a lot of practices and experiences. A lot of trial and error, limiting the next build's mistakes, and improving your chances just don't come from wanting to win.
  3. ltr74

    ltr74 FRP Dust

    Oct 17, 2017
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    Fukuoka, Japan
    My Mach Dashes only run to 35k and my Hypers to 30k yet I have no problem being fast in both the US and Japan. While there are some of the top racers squeezing extra out, it's not that much more. I know enough about these electric motors that I guess I could turn a mach dash into a 40k RPM machine. It would look great on the RPM meter but run terribly on the track. Like Ezra&Danny said, It's a lot about build quality and tuning. Though a few tips.

    1. MA chassis is heavy and going to be more difficult to adapt. Roscoe does well with his, but also has a few years of just using MA chassis.
    2. Are other racers running 26mm tires? 26mm has been out of favor in Japan for a few years now. If others are running 24mm then you need to run 24mm. What compounds are they running? From what I have seen from The fast Singaporeans are running 23.5 to 24mm.
    3. Pivot and anchor is good for digital obstacles, but does make your car slower in the corners. If there are no digital elements, stiffen up the pivot with additional o-rings and see how it goes.
    4. Stick with a chassis you like. I messed with a bunch of different chassis at first and struggled. Went to MS and have just focused on that. My build quality is much better now because I know the chassis well. I would recommend the MS though, it's what 95% of the serious racers use with the rest using FMAR.

    Post pictures of your car and ask for suggestions. It's very likely something other than motor causing your issue. Look at your car compared to other racers. When starting out or struggling, it may be best to emulate those fast racers.
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