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Charging new batteries

Discussion in 'Tools/Batteries/Chargers' started by Manny, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Manny

    Manny Box Kit

    Apr 15, 2017
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    Santa Monica
    Thiis past weekend at the Dojo was my first time trying rechargeable batteries. I used both Eneloop Lites and Fujitsu Pinks. I just did a straight charge on them. Since then I watched Z3nblustrr's YouTube about the LaCrosse BC-700. This the same charger I have. I figured I'd ask here so everyone can see and share in this post. Just doing a straight charge brand new won't get the most out of the battery correct? I was hesitant to do a 700Ma charge or a 350Ma discharge but after seeing his video this is what I should be doing when preparing batteries for the first time? I'm 100% new to using rechargeables so any advice is more than welcome. Thanks guys!
  2. OrangeBang

    OrangeBang Lock Nut

    Mar 23, 2017
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    West Covina, CA
    Everyone has their own way of doing it, so mine isn't the only way or the best way.

    1) I fully charge batteries out of the box at 1xC the value of the battery. (ie. 950mah battery, I charge at 900mah, 1900mah I charge at 1900mah)

    2) My charger has a break in battery setting, but if yours does not, then it probably has a cycle setting for charge and discharge. I charge at 100mah, and discharge at 100mah. I do 5 cycles (This takes forever, like a week. So I have a spare charger for this)

    3) Once that's over, and i'm at the track ready to practice. I overcharge by 100mah, so for the pink fujitsu, I charge at 1100mah until it says it's finished. I measure the voltage with a multimeter and keep a note of it. I mark my batteries in pairs (A-A or B-B etc.) This way I know which batteries are doing what. Try to keep the same pairs together.

    4) I will try to use as much of the battery as I can, till the voltage is in the low 1.3's and recharge and repeat this process.

    5) Usually after a good amount of use you'll notice the voltage on your batteries increase. The highest I've gotten on neochamp batteries were 1.58v off the charger. They don't actually stay that way for long, and through my testing once they are under load in the car, the voltage drops significantly, but I can't help but notice the car flying around like a rocket when I take them right off the charger.

    6) Try not to overcharge too much as they get really hot. Too much heat ruins the cells inside and create IR (internal resistance) this makes the ability to draw power from the battery harder which equals to less power to the car. Don't drop the batteries either, really bad for NIMH batteries.

    I think this may be over complicated, but the gist is don't over heat, try not to overcharge too much. and in the beginning try to use most of the power in the battery before recharging. Eventually your batteries will have the ability to hold a higher charge.

    Hope this helps.
  3. celt63

    celt63 Screw

    Jul 27, 2017
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    Madison, Wisconsin
    Should we be using one cell type for testing tuning runs and a lighter battery for racing heats?

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