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A Closer Up Look at Mass Damper's Newest Decal Sheet F

Discussion in 'MASS DAMPER' started by Avante Junior, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Oct 16, 2017
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    Style is as Important as Speed and Stability in the Mini 4WD world. Or at least to us here at Mass Damper it is. Make your car look good by Dressing Up Your Mini 4WD with Mass Damper Decal Sheets!

    The newest sheet as of this post's writing is Sheet F. It features Mass Damper's new Mini 4WD Lifestyle Pro Shop logos on the upper left corner along with plenty more original designs as well. Let's take a look at some of its newest designs.

    Those who use Proxxon's MF 70 Micro Mill will notice the MF 70 inspired designs in the lower right corner. The MF 70 is a great tool that helps races re-work with carbon and FRP pieces.

    You'll also notice popular Japan item inspired logos such as "Carbon Mate" which emulate's the popular meal supplement "Calorie Mate" and the logo with the two cats "3249 Transport". This logo spoofs the logo of Yamato Service, otherwise known as TA-Q-BIN, which is an UPS-like shipping company. The significance of the numbers 3249 is that it phonetically sounds like "mini-yon-ku" in Japanese, which means Mini 4WD!

    This sheet also adds the chassis decals that all Mass Damper decal sheets have. This time, they are all designed around front motor conversions of traditionally rear motor chassis. So, you'll find FMAR, FM-S2, and FM-VS logos to decorate your car with.

    Of course, there are plenty of other logos that give you plenty of decoration options. Each Mass Damper decal sheet is deliberately designed to include anywhere from 70 to 100 individual logos, which makes the decal sheet a real bargain!

    The sheet is available at Mass Damper's webstore, located at this link: https://shop.massdamper.jp/collections/decal-sheets/products/mass-damper-decal-sheet-f

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